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  • Cristian Spanache (RO) Producer of Shakes + Seven. One of the best producers I've met. Housemusic, Jazz, Funk, Pop marked with his own sound. Upcoming new singles with Senzemill brings the Reggae in.

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  • Senzemill became , in a short period of my life, one of my best friends. We've been looking for this kind of specialties for many years. His lyrics coming from his soul. Hiphop, Triphop, Reggae. New releases : Casual Thoughts , Lost Mind.

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  • n 2013 she became Singer/Songwriter of Jazz/Lounge project Shakes + Seven. and started to do recording & editing and producing.This episode of discovery and experimentation ended with solo tracks & 3 albums. And a huge biography in Electronic music from the 80”s. When she started her own label in 2013, she never expected to be a producer herself. Her collaborations with Cristian & Senzemill & Musicians means a lot to her. Like da Mama of one big family.

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My personal site to introduce you into my life of music & collaborations.
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  • New release Shakes + Seven feat. Senzemill. Soon available at all digital services. Reggae, Rock, Pop. On guitar: Frans van Oostrom

    Drugs & Demons
  • Lola Punk with her 3rd single "Sneaky". She likes the oldskool sound of Hardcore. Marvelous track if you need some action on the dancefloor!


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